Leopoldo Acosta Sánchez

Leopoldo Acosta Sánchez


Universidad de La Laguna

Leopoldo Acosta Sánchez


Physics, MSc. University of La Laguna, 1987.

Physics, PhD. University of La Laguna, 1991.


1999 – now: Full professor. University of La Laguna.

Other skills and merits

Professor Acosta earned a valedictorian award (Best Marks Degree Award) at the end of his Master Degree in physics and also the Canary Islands young researcher award.

Dr. Leopoldo Acosta is a Full Professor at the University of La Laguna, Spain. For more than 25 years he has been a very active researcher in robotics in general and automated vehicles in particular. He has been involved in approximately 15 competitive research grants and 10 private research projects, leading half of them. He has been Thesis advisor of 13 PhD candidates. He has participated in 4 patents. He is co-author in more than 70 journal papers and research book chapters, and more than 80 international conference papers. He is the founder and leader of a very well known project in the automated driving field, the Verdino project, an automated electric vehicle meant to operate in pedestrian unstructured areas.

He has served as head of the Automatic Systems Engineering, University Vicepresident for New Technologies and head of the Computer Engineering, Civil Engineering and Industrial engineering faculties.