Our Research


Computer Vision Center at Autonomous University of Barcelona

GPU optimization

GPU Application Analysis and Optimization group from the Autonomous University of Barcelona

Control and Planning

Advanced Control Systems (SAC) group from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC)


Security of Networks and Distributed Applications (SENDA) from Autonomous University of Barcelona


Vehicle Electronics and Automation from CT Ingenieros


Geodesy and Navigation Department (GEON) and Remote Sensing Department (RSE) from  CTTC

Recent News

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GTC 2016 Autonomous Driving Talk

5th of April, Antonio M. López principal investigator at ADAS group, will give a talk about “Training My Car to See: Using Virtual Worlds” at theGPU Technology Conference Learn how realistic virtual worlds can be used to train vision-based classifiers that operate in the real world, i.e., avoiding the cumbersome task of collecting ground truth

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GTC 2016 best poster award

The poster “GPU-based Pedestrian Detection for Autonomous Driving” on the detector pedestrian based on vision has been awarded as the best poster GTC (GPU Technology Conference) 2016. The student Victor Campmany, with the help of the rest of the ADAS group at the Computer Vision center has been the winner of this contest. The work

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