To design and develop a perception-based self-driving system for urban scenarios, performing a demonstration at the UAB campus.


Achieving this overall goal, involves reaching intermediate goals:


  1. Design and develop navigation software based on the use of vision, radar, GPS/IMU, vehicle state, and maps.
  2. Design and develop object detection software specialized in dynamic traffic participants (non-cooperative vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists), with the capability of anticipating their intentions (for a quick reaction in dangerous situations). This software will rely on vision, radar, vehicle state, and ultrasound data.
  3. Design and develop software to detect unknown obstacles lying on the road (hazards).
  4. Design and develop software for detecting road marks (lane markings, traffic signs, zebra crossings, and semaphores), in order to respect traffic rules, using vision.
  5. Design and collect representative data sets for benchmarking the self-driving capabilities.
  6. Design and develop a simulation platform that can playback the benchmarking data and evaluate the vehicle’s behavior off-line.
  7. Design and execute self-driving demonstrations in controlled urban areas (in the UAB campus of Bellaterra).
  8. Incorporating cooperative information into the self-driving procedure by collaborating with other groups.

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