ADTN V2X communications

Date:22 May, 2016

ADTN V2X communications

    Vehicle-to-X refers to an intelligent transport system where all vehicles and infrastructure systems are interconnected with each other. This connectivity will provide more precise knowledge of the traffic situation across the entire road network which in turn will help: Optimize traffic flows, reduce congestion, cut accident numbers, minimize emissions.

    Vehicle2X / Car2X technology enables vehicles to automatically pass along messages regarding road conditions, traffic flow, and obstacles before these appear in the driver’s visual range. Vehicles receive signals from intelligent road signs.

    Active-DTN is a DTN where bundles have an active routing behaviour. Instead of being data wrappers only, active bundles can carry software code for routing purposes. That is, each bundle can carry its own routing algorithm. And thus, Active-DTN allow at the same time application specific routing algorithms and diversity among them as several applications can run at the same time using different routing algorithms for their bundles. Another advantage is that when a new application intends to use the network, no network reconfiguration or deployment is required in order to incorporate its routing needs, as those can be included in their bundles.

    In order to be compatible with existing DTN implementations, Active-DTN satisfies BP and defines a Metadata Extension Block (MEB) to specify how software code must be carried by bundles. The following Figure is a graphical representation of Active-DTN as DTN extension including related work.

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