13:00Opening Remarks
13:05Invited Talk Realizing Self-Driving Cars by Dr. Andreas Wendel (Google [X])
13:50Invited Talk 3D Reconstruction on Planets by Prof. Tomas Pajdla (CTU Prague)
14:35Spotlights Talks
14:47Posters Session & Afternoon Break

* Seamless Change Detection and Mosaicing for Aerial Imagery, Nimisha T.M, A. N. Rajagopalan, Rangarajan Aravind

* Absolute Geo-Localization Thanks to Hidden Markov Model and Exemplar-Based Metric Learning, Cédric Le Barz, Nicolas Thome, Matthieu Cord, Stéphane Herbin, Martial Sanfourche

* Sequence Searching With Deep-Learnt Depth for Condition- and Viewpoint-Invariant Route-Based Place Recognition, Michael Milford, Chunhua Shen, Stephanie Lowry, Niko Suenderhauf, Sareh Shirazi, Guosheng Lin, Fayao Liu, Edward Pepperell, Cesar Lerma, Ben Upcroft, Ian Reid

* Robust and Fast Detection of Moving Vehicles in Aerial Videos Using Sliding Windows, Michael Teutsch, Wolfgang Krüger

* Driver Cell Phone Usage Detection on Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP2) Face View Videos, Keshav Seshadri, Felix Juefei-Xu, Dipan K. Pal, Marios Savvides, Craig P. Thor
15:25Announcement of the Best Paper Award
15:30Invited Talk Progress Toward Autonomous Aerial
Mobility Applications in Planetary Exploration
by Dr. Larry Matthies (JPL NASA)
16:15Invited Talk Vision-based Robots to Explore the
by Prof. Rafael Garcia (Univ. of Girona)
17:00Invited Talk Vehicle Localization and Mapping with Monocular Wide-field-of-view Cameras by Prof. Marc Pollefeys (ETH Zurich)
17:45Closing Remarks
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