8:15-8:30Opening Remarks Organizers
8:30-9:00Invited Talk 1 Visual flow and control of aerial robotic vehicles by Robert Mahony (ANU, Australia)
9:00-9:30Invited Talk 2 Autonomous, Agile, Vision-controlled Drones: from Active to Event Vision by Davide Scaramuzza (UZH, Switzerland)
9:30-10:00Poster Spotlights

DriveAHead - A Large-Scale Driver Head Pose Dataset Anke Schwarz, Robert (Bosch GmbH), Monica Laura Haurilet (KIT), Manuel Martinez (KIT), Rainer Stiefelhagen (KIT)

The One Hundred Layers Tiramisu: Fully Convolutional DenseNets for semantic segmentation. Simon Jegou, MILA; Michal Drodzal, Imagia; David Vazquez, Computer Vision Center; Adriana Romero, MILA; Yoshua Bengio, MILA

Rear-Stitched View Panorama: A low-power embedded implementation for smart rear-view mirrors on vehicles Janice Pan, The Univ. of Texas at Austin; Vikram Appia, Texas Instruments; Jesse Villarreal, Texas Instruments; Lucas Weaver, Texas Instruments; Do-Kyoung Kwon, Texas Instruments

End-to-End Ego Lane Estimation based on Sequential Transfer Learning for Self-Driving Cars. Jiman Kim, Samsung; Chanjong Park,

Robust Hand Detection and Classification in Vehicles and in the Wild. Thi Hoang Ngan Le, CMU; Kha Gia Quach, CMU; Chenchen Zhu, ; Chi Nhan Duong, Carnegie Mellon University; Khoa Luu, CMU; Marios Savvides, CMU

Motion Language of Stereo Image Sequence Atsushi Imiya, IMIT Chiba University, Japan; Hayato Itoh, Chiba University; Tomoya Kato, Chiba University
10:00 - 10:30Morning Break & Posters Session (kamehameha II)
10:30-11:00Invited Talk 3 TBA by Raquel Urtasun (U. Toronto, Canada)
11:00-11:30Invited Talk 4 Vision for Autonomous Vehicles whom Humans can Trust by Mohan M. Trivedi (UCSD, USA)
11:30-12:00Invited Talk 5 What should I do here? Visual Semantic Mapping for Automated Automobiles by Christoph Stiller (KIT, Germany)
12:00 - 12:30Invited Talk 6 Vision & Visualization Technologies for Planetary Rovers by Gerhard Paar (ExoMars, EEUU)
12:35 - 13:35Lunch (kamehameha II)
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