Quercus license plate recognition

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Quercus license plate recognition

SmartLPR® Access is a license plate reading equipment designed to perform traffic control vehicle access barriers.

It is a license plate reading device All-in-One. Integrates on a single computer lighting, camera, processor, and the inputs and outputs. The features of this system are:

Color plate recognition, capturing color images tuition and provides complete information at any time of day and overnight. Multi-Country Recognition Quercus First: Recognize license plates from different countries in Europe, Middle East, America, Asia, Africa and Australia. Easy Start Up Up Quercus First: Connect the network cable, power, identify the unit with its corresponding IP and adjust the optics. Wide Angle Recognition Quercus First: Optimal license plate recognition difficult reading angles. Adaptation Quercus First Light: Optimal result in license plate reading at any time of day and overnight. High reliability: High percentages of recognition.

Source: Quercus News