Dates & Submission

Important Dates Extended

Submission deadline:  June 21st, 2017        July 21st, 2017
Author notification:     August 4th, 2017     August 17th, 2017
Camera-ready:             August 14 th, 2017  August 24th, 2017
Challenge submission: September 29th, 2017
Challenge winners notification: October 13th, 2017
Workshop: October 29th, 2017

Submission Procedure

Authors should take into account the following:

  • The submission site is
  • The contributions will consist in Extended Abstracts (EA) of 6 pages (excluding the references).
  • We accept dual submissions to ICCV 2017 and TASK-CV 2017. In other words, the submission to TASK-CV 2017 should be a 6-page summary of the submission to ICCV 2017*.
  • The format of the papers is the same as the ICCV main conference.
  • Submissions will be rejected without review if they: contain more than 6 pages (excluding references) or violate the double-blind policy.
  • Manuscript templates can be found at the main conference website:
    Guidelines ICCV 2017
  • The accepted papers will be linked in the TASK-CV webpage. Authors can also choose to make their papers included in the ICCV workshop collections (published by Springer) *.

* Please note that if ICCV submission (long version) is accepted, the corresponding workshop paper (short version) will not be included in ICCV Workshop Collections published by Springer. However, it can still be presented in the workshop, and will be linked in the TASK-CV webpage. 

* Only the papers published in ICCV workshop collection can use “ICCV 2017 Workshops” in the reference. If the authors choose not to publish their workshop paper in ICCV workshop collections, their paper can only be cited as  published in “TASK-CV 2017” without including “ICCV 2017 Workshops.”