CT Ingenieros: Electronics and Automation

About us

CT Ingenieros is an engineering company, a leader in technological innovation throughout the product lifecycle, from concept to post-sales services. The company has an established staff of engineers and technicians proud to participate in innovative industrial programs in Europe.

We invite you to visit the CT Aerocomp website  www.ctaerocomptraining.co.uk

CT Ingenieros belongs to The CT Engineering group, an international engineering group with offices in Europe, America, Asia, and a leading supplier of industrial companies in the aviation, automotive, rail, marine, industrial plant, and renewable energy sectors.

CORPORATE VIDEO the CT engineering group

In this project the group is responsible for the development of the Vehicle electronics, sensing and automation. Some of the addressed challenges include:

  • Vehicle electronics.
  • Vehicle automation.
  • Vehicle sensors and actuators.

Participation in the project

Vehicle electronics 75%

Vehicle automation 75%

System enginyering 50%

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