CVC-06: Partially Occluded Virtual-World Pedestrians

Date:25 Apr, 2016

CVC-06: Partially Occluded Virtual-World Pedestrians


    This is a partially occluded pedestrian dataset extracted from our virtual world. The dataset consists of two sets of 2400 and 2414 croped pedestrians (with their corresponding horizontal mirrors).

    Disclaimer: Please, read the terms of use before downloading the dataset.
    When using this dataset in your research, we will be happy if you cite us
    J. Marín, D. Vázquez, A.M. López, J. Amores and L.I. Kuncheva, Occlusion handling via random subspace classifiers for human detection. In IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (Part B) (ITSMC-B), 2013

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