Francisco Pérez Álvarez

Francisco Pérez Álvarez

Simulation - M.Sc. student

Computer Vision Center
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Francisco Pérez Álvarez

The Nihilistic Robot (less nihilistic than implied but more robot than he looks) AKA Francisco Pérez Álvarez (Everybody goes by his internet nickname rather than his real name in this futuristic age) is a gelatinous compound of artistic intentions, crippling self awarenes and bottled nervs that happens to have human form.

After 6 years graduating from fine arts in Pontevedra he went to Barcelona to master the arts of animation in the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Doing a Master’s degree in 3d animation, that is).

With the horrible habit of inventing more things than he can make he loves digital production of almost everything art related: Desing, photography, film, text… but specially animation and videogames; the aesthetics of the glitch and the badly-done-on-purpose; and to a textual level he saves a very warm place in his heart for metatextual and ironical works.

He likes cats.

He would love to desing indie videogames.

He REALY likes cats.

He is not really a Robot.

He tried so hard To make this piece midly interesting that it is almost cringey.