MAVEN-TransAID-CoEXist workshop for city and regional authorities

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MAVEN-TransAID-CoEXist workshop for city and regional authorities

MAVEN teamed up with the TransAID and CoEXist projects for a workshop aimed at gathering input from local authorities on various items of work underway within each of the projects. Some 50 people attended this workshop, including nearly one half from city or regional government and the public transport sector. The plenary session in the morning saw brief presentations about each of the projects and about the AV activities of Gothenburg and Greenwich as well as wider inputs from the vehicle automation expert Bart van Arem and Polis. After lunch, the audience split into project-respective groups.

The purpose of the MAVEN session was to gather feedback on the structure of the MAVEN transition roadmap, which is intended to assist cities in determining their role and responsibilities in automated driving, giving special attention to the role of traffic management and its level of guidance at various phases of the transition. Discussions were quite far ranging, from the role of AVs in cities and questions about why cities should be facilitating their introduction to the more specific topic of data management and the possibilities for direct vehicle-infrastructure interaction enabling automated vehicles to be controlled in a more dynamic manner.

Specific questions and comments made include the following:

  • Who is responsible for the vehicle-generated and who has overall ownership of data?
  • Will the traffic management be capable of dealing with the large amounts of data generated by tomorrow’s vehicle?
  • What is the procedure in case of system failure?
  • How does an AV interact with a traffic management centre?
  • Do we need to adapt the infrastructure to AV or should it be the other way around?
  • Public acceptance: is there enough trust in technology?
  • How will liability be addressed in a future of CAVs?
  • How to make systems sufficiently robust to prevent hacking?
  • MAVEN should also look at use cases where people want to get out of an AV, eg, parking
  • How scalable is the MAVEN approach?
  • The project’s roadmap should limit itself to traffic management only and go deeper in one topic
  • Clarify the ICT infrastructure requirements: on the roads and under ground (eg, 5G network)

A full workshop note and all presentations can be downloaded from the following webpage.