The MAVEN project aims to provide solutions for managing automated vehicles in an urban environment (with signalised intersections and mixed traffic). It will develop algorithms for organising the flow of infrastructure-assisted automated vehicles, and structuring the negotiation processes between vehicles and the infrastructure. Platooning is an evident example of a technology in this domain. The MAVEN approach will substantially contribute to increasing traffic efficiency, improving utilisation of infrastructure capacity, and reducing emission. MAVEN will build a prototype system that will be used both for field tests and for extensive modelling for impact assessment. Furthermore, the project will contribute to the development of enabling technologies, such as telecommunication standards and high-precision maps. A roadmap for the introduction of road transport automation will be developed, to support road authorities in understanding potential future changes in their role and in the tasks of traffic management. A white paper on "management of automated vehicles in a smart city environment" will position the MAVEN results in the broader perspective of transport in smart cities, and embed these with the principles and technologies for smart cities, as well as service delivery.

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Recent News

Automation capable Local Dynamic Map (LDM) released

The MAVEN project has achieved its first milestone in development of the next generation Intelligent Transport Systems. Automation features have been added to the infrastructure Local Dynamic Map (LDM). This will facilitate more information sharing between the roadside and vehicles, enabling new use cases related to traffic safety and efficiency. The vehicles will share intended

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MAVEN Special Session at IEEE SCSP 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic

A MAVEN Special Session on “Autonomous vehicles for smart cities” was held on 26 May 2017 at the third IEEE (the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Smart Cities Symposium Prague (SCSP 2017), organised by the Czech Technical University (CTU). SCSP 2017 is an international scientific conference with over 150 participants from 13 countries. The

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First stakeholder consultation with cities in Barcelona

MAVEN (Managing Automated Vehicles Enhances Network) organised its first stakeholder consultation meeting with local authorities and urban road stakeholders in Barcelona on 15 November 2016. The meeting was attended by nearly 35 participants, of which some two-thirds were representing local government. Local authorities and other urban road stakeholders were invited to share their views on

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