The MAVEN project aims to provide solutions for managing automated vehicles in an urban environment (with signalised intersections and mixed traffic). It will develop algorithms for organising the flow of infrastructure-assisted automated vehicles, and structuring the negotiation processes between vehicles and the infrastructure. Platooning is an evident example of a technology in this domain. The MAVEN approach will substantially contribute to increasing traffic efficiency, improving utilisation of infrastructure capacity, and reducing emission. MAVEN will build a prototype system that will be used both for field tests and for extensive modelling for impact assessment. Furthermore, the project will contribute to the development of enabling technologies, such as telecommunication standards and high-precision maps. A roadmap for the introduction of road transport automation will be developed, to support road authorities in understanding potential future changes in their role and in the tasks of traffic management. A white paper on "management of automated vehicles in a smart city environment" will position the MAVEN results in the broader perspective of transport in smart cities, and embed these with the principles and technologies for smart cities, as well as service delivery.

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What does MAVEN mean for infrastructure service providers?


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What does MAVEN mean for end users?

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Recent News

3rd MAVEN stakeholder Consultation Workshop with expert meeting

Last week at the 23rd and 24th of October the MAVEN consortium organized an expert meeting and stakeholder consultation workshop in cooperation with the TransAID, CoEXist and INFRAMIX projects. A report with the main findings is currently under development, but in the meantime the presentations of the expert group can already be found on our

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Third newsletter and updated deliverables

The 3rd newsletter of MAVEN has been uploaded to the website and can be found here. Additionally, the project has received feedback from experts involved in the H2020 review process which resulted in valuable suggestions to clarify the documentation of the project deliverables. Updated versions have been uploaded under documents – deliverables. Of course your

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DLR tests Car2X communication in real traffic

– DLR is testing automated driving in the MAVEN project. – Cooperative automated vehicles cross signalised intersections in Braunschweig. The Institute for Transportation Systems of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) will be testing the crossing of a traffic light intersection with cooperative automated vehicles in Braunschweig in the beginning of October 2018 in the MAVEN

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