Save the date: MAVEN workshop – 24/10/18 in Greenwich, London

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Save the date: MAVEN workshop – 24/10/18 in Greenwich, London

The next MAVEN stakeholder workshop targeting local authorities will take place in Greenwich (London) on 24 October 2018.

The workshop’s aims are to:

  • explore in more detail how increasingly instrumented vehicles are likely to behave on urban roads and how this may affect the traffic management task and wider transport goals
  • provide insight to the role that communication technology can play in the shorter-term of connected transport and the longer-term of automated transport
  • promote reflection among local authorities on their traffic management role and responsibility as CCAV evolves
  • get your input on the traffic management policies the MAVEN project will evaluate in its final phase

Local authorities are the main target group of this workshop; however, it is also open to other urban transport stakeholders with an interest in CCAV. A small budget to help cover the travel expense of local authority representatives is available.

The draft agenda will be available soon. Meanwhile, online registration can be found here.