Impact of MAVEN exceeds expectations!

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Impact of MAVEN exceeds expectations!

After several months of hard work dedicated to impact assessment, the MAVEN project is proudly presenting its final results. With a total CO2 emission reduction of up to 12% and a 34% higher throughput, the expectations were exceeded by far! These numbers are a direct result of putting all systems from the technical work packages related to vehicle, the infrastructure and the enabling technologies to the test with extensive simulations to dermine their effects with large-scale deployment.

The deliverable also reports on the assessment of the field trials with measurements acquired during the tests and surveys done with demo visitors and other participants. A wider online survey has also given good insights that can be found in the report. Last but not least, a thorough literature review places the results in the context of the current state-of-the-art and provides a good comparison how MAVEN performs.

The report can be found MAVEN D7.2 – IMPACT ASSESSMENT V1.0.