Final event photo impression

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Final event photo impression

On the 6th of June the final event of MAVEN took place at the ITS Europe congress in Helmond/Eindhoven, The Netherlands. During the congress we’ve had 3 hours of total demonstration time on the closed road. Visitors had the opportunity to take a ride in the fully automated Hyundai vehicle and experience the MAVEN use cases first hand. Here we see the view on the interactive dashboard from the demo passengers position:

One of the use cases demonstrated was the lane advice, which can be seen here with the vehicle passing the intersection on the left lane as instructed by the infrastructure:

To give a complete experience to the visitors, we also added an interactive view to the infrastructure systems:

This infrastructure view was being presented by our coordinator, Robbin Blokpoel, and many people passed by to listen to the continuous presentation and had the chance to directly ask questions about the events happening during the demo:

Apart from the demo, there was a full program with presentations of the main MAVEN results from 10:00 – 15:00. The presentation slides of this event can be found under documents – meetings.

MAVEN was also present at the ITS congress in Eindhoven with a dedicated space at the exhibition for all your questions about the project and its results.

Lastly, there was also a booth and a demo at the automotive campus area of the congress on the days that the road wasn’t closed. We are still editing a video about this demonstration, so be sure to keep an eye on updates at this website!