2nd prize for the best dissemination project

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2nd prize for the best dissemination project

The Catalan association for artificial intelligence (ACAI) has awarded Dr. Antonio Lopez and the members of theAdvanced Driver Assistance Systems Group (ADAS) with the 2nd prize for the best dissemination of a research project in artificial intelligence. The award consists of a prize of 200€.

The diffusion of science is a necessary task. For this reason, the Catalan Association of Artificial Intelligence (ACIA) promotes the dissemination of Artificial Intelligence through mass media (newspapers, TV, Internet).

The main aim of ADAS group is to combine sensors and algorithms to understand the vehicle environment so that the driver can receive assistance or be warned of potential hazards. Vision is the most important sense employed for driving, therefore cameras are the most used sensor in these systems. Currently, the group is also working on autonomous driving.