CVC-02: Onboard Sequence Pedestrian Dataset 2

Date:21 Apr, 2016

CVC-02: Onboard Sequence Pedestrian Dataset 2


    CVC-02 consists of three subsets, each one focused on a different task of pedestrian detection: candidate generation, classification and system evaluation. The imagery has been recorded in urban scenarios around Barcelona (Spain), using a Bumblebee color stereo camera with resolution 640×480 pixels and 6mm focal length. The annotated pedestrians are in the range from 0 to 50 m from the camera, which corresponds to a smallest pedestrian of 12×24 pixels. The main features of each subset are the following:

    • CVC-02-CG (Candidate Generation): 100 frames in color, depth and 3D points information.
    • CVC-02-Classification: training (1016 cropped positives and mirrors, 7650 cropped negatives and pedestrian-free images), testing set (window-based, with 570 cropped positives and mirrors, 7500 cropped negatives and pedestrian-free images) and testing set (image-based, with 250 frames containing 587 annotated pedestrians).
    • CVC-02-System: 15 sequences of 4364 frames, 7983 pedestrian annotations.

    All the images are provided in lossless PNG format, both in color and depth versions, and in their original size and 64×128 pixels rescaled. Regarding the annotations, we label them as obligatory or optional (very young children, significantly occluded or partially out of the image).

    Disclaimer: Please, read the terms of use before downloading the dataset.

    CVC-02: Onboard Sequence Pedestrian Dataset 2

    CVC-02: Onboard Sequence Pedestrian Dataset Classification

    CVC-02: Onboard Sequence Pedestrian Dataset System